An open-source documentation and analysis environment

for digital performances and media art.

Inspired by various media approaches, Rekall addresses the difficulties encountered by artists when restaging a performance whose technology is now obsolete and by artistic teams when remembering technical and artistic choices that have been made from one residency to another. Another goal is to help art researchers with big data issues.Rekall is a software designed for all the performing arts (theatre, dance, music, circus, puppets, performance pieces, etc.) and for interactive installations.


Document, preserve, reinterpret your works

Rekall makes it possible to:

  • document and preserve works that have technological components
  • restage a performance whose technology is now obsolete
  • identify the technical and artistic choices that have been made from one residency programme to another


A software designed for artists, technical staffs and researchers

Rekall is designed for:

  • Stage managers: it enables rapid note-taking during rehearsals, plot memorization (for sound, lighting, video, and other technologies deployed using plots), and storage/retrieval of technical data
  • Artists: it keeps the artistic and technological components of the performance on file to ensure that it can be restaged, taking into account the built-in obsolescence of technological components and the intentions of the artists
  • Historians: it keeps artworks on file, recording and storing information on the design process and different variants of each work, and supporting a whole range of document types
  • Teachers and publishers: helps with the production of quality documentary material


From rehearsals to archiving

Rekall allows you to document a show at several key points during its development:

  • rehearsals: provides valuable support for stage managers and technicians
  • staging: helps artists restage existing shows
  • post-staging: helps historians and publishers produce quality documentary material



Rekall opens in a browser window (Chrome, Safari or Firefox) but do not need an internet connection. The analysis of the documents is made on your computer hard drive or an external disk. To develop Rekall as a webapp will allow us to design further features.

Rekall is essentially based on performance records and allows digital performances to be actively preservedRekall can aggregate an infinite number of documents associated with one single work in various formats, and break down multiple timelines: creative process (e.g. research done on a specific aspect of the production), performance itself (even the multiple versions of a work in progress), and its reception (e.g.: by adding audio comments made by the company on its production, or of audiences, or press reviews). Rekall synthesizes the quantity, quality, and structure of documents in relation to one another, while closely adapting to each artist’s or company’s own processes. It can be used to identify and describe technologies used for the performance, to eventually define alternatives using different components.

REKALL is based on the automatic exploitation of documents metadata and the extraction of important informations (author, date, place, keywords, etc.) to process, analyse and visualize all documents. One display mode gathers all documents around a video recording of the production. A given time may be associated with a data sheet, a video recording of rehearsals, or notes written by the director. Audio commentary may also be added as a background voice on the video recording. The simultaneous display of multiple video recordings makes it easy to compare different versions of a performance or to view the performance from different angles simultaneously